Realme smartphones: How to remove/disable ads

Today, we are taking about How to remove/disable ads in Realme smartphones. As of now, we see ads in the default phone manager app and on the security check page app. This is an application that pops up every time we install a new application on the device. However, there has been news about some realme devices showing up ads in the notifications without any specific app running on the screen.


  1. Tap settings > additional settings > get recommendations
  2. Disable the get recommendations toggle.
  3. Then turn off Receive App and Content Recommendations option and you are good to go.

So any Realme user can turn off this annoying new add on from the company. But there might come a time when this feature might get removed from the settings menu. If that happens then we will have to rely on developers to come up with a solution, just like what they did with Xiaomi devices.

It’s interesting to note that the get recommendations toggle also refers to the Download Management page as one venue for ads. It’s unclear whether this is a third location for ads.

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